Working with Rollsoft is Easy
(and almost fun!)


Short one-time registration process

Collectibles and payables

Periodically (e.g. once a month), upload a list of your collectibles and payables (debits and credits). These can be easily exported from your accounting system.

The information you provide is not disclosed to anyone. Each debtor and creditor you mention will see only the information you provided about it.

A sophisticated algorithm finds sequences of payables that can be settled against collectibles.

Settlement Report

You get a report on all payables and collectibles that can be settled, to approve or change the results.

After a final report is generated, the settlement is performed: amounts owed to you are discounted from the amounts owed by you.

As a result :

You collected receivables without a single call to your debtors

You performed payments without using the company cash, thus increasing the cash in hand

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